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12 new special license plates available in Florida

Florida on Thursday announced the addition of 12 new specialty license plates, including some recognizing a collective of historically black sororities and fraternities known as the Divine Nine.

The new additions are among more than 100 specialty license plates available to Florida motorists. Revenue generated from special plaque sales brings in millions of dollars each year to special causes and organizations.

Here are some of the latest additions.

The Divine Nine

The majority of the newly released plates celebrate the Divine Nine, a collective of historically black Greek organizations.

The sale of the plaques will fund college scholarships at historically black colleges and universities.

It will also support the United Negro College Fund, Inc. and the Association to Preserve African American Society, History and Tradition, Inc.

The following organizations are represented in the plaque packet: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Kappa Alpha Psi Brotherhood; Omega Psi Phi Brotherhood; delta sigma theta sorority; Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity; Zeta Phi Beta Sorority; Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority and Iota Phi Theta Fraternity.

Those interested in purchasing an organization plaque must prove their membership.

Explore off-road

The “Explore Off-Road” license plate is bright and colorful. It shows a Jeep-like vehicle parked along a tropical sandy shoreline during a blood orange sunset.

Plaque sales will support the Florida Off-Road Foundation. The non-profit organization strives to preserve Florida’s environment through trail maintenance and organized cleanups. It also provides off-road education among a host of other services.

america the beautiful

The new “America the Beautiful” plaque features a vibrant sky, a large soaring eagle and an American flag on the lower half.

Plate sales will support America the Beautiful Fund, which provides youth services and other programs. Among them: wildlife conservation, development of parks and playgrounds, and outdoor education.

army of occupation

The “Army of Occupation” military license plate is available for Cold War veterans.

The plaque is white and features a large image of the medal on the right side.

Eligible motorists include veterans “permanently assigned to occupation forces in specific overseas locations during the Cold War between May 9, 1945 and October 2, 1990,” according to the state.

A mandatory application must be completed to purchase the plate.

The details

The Florida Department of Highway and Motor Vehicle Safety says the plates are on their way to tax collectors offices statewide. The department encourages Floridians to contact their local office to ensure they are in stock before making an appointment.

Jason Delgado is a reporter for the USA Today Network-Florida. He is based in Tallahassee. Contact him at [email protected]