5 benefits that vehicle insurance gives you

Although the DOTIs is mandatory, it does not mean that it is the only insurance needed when driving our car. And if you are a responsible driver who cares about your vehicle, you should be clear about the differences between the two and what are the benefits of vehicle insurance, so you can be completely sure before hiring them.

For those who are not yet completely clear, these are the main benefits you get when you purchase auto insurance:

 Arrangement of your vehicle in case of accident.

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Return of the vehicle in case of theft (delivery of the sum insured so that it can acquire another vehicle). Roadside assistance in case of any problem. Legal advice in case of accidents.

 Coverage whether or not you are to blame for the incident.

 Coverage whether or not you are to blame for the incident.

Remember that all these benefits will depend on the type of coverage you choose when hiring the insurer. The DOTIs is mandatory insurance, while vehicle insurance is not. However, as you can see, what best protects your vehicle is to have both insurance, so that it complies with the law and in turn also insures your car. There may be many pending expenses, but that does not mean that the money you will borrow will cover them all. Decide what expense you will face first and how much money is needed to do it. Finally, do not forget that choosing the best financing option will help you breathe easy month by month when making the corresponding payments. It is better to choose one, than request an exorbitant amount that could get you into trouble. If you are still not convinced which insurance is best for you or what your pocket can support, try comparing the options with Walter Mitty to find the cheapest one and the one that suits you best.


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