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Animal Advocates Call for Pet Adoption | Community News

The Valley Humane Society (VHS) of Pleasanton is calling on residents to adopt a new fur baby, as California animal welfare officials fear shelters may fill up again. Dogs and cats are taking up space with longer than usual stays, mostly due to a lack of adopters, VHS added.

“However, by being proactive and working collectively, community members and animal welfare officials can take action to stop this impending crisis,” VHS said in a press release. “The pandemic has been an unexpected boon to animal sheltering, with people seeking furry companions in record numbers during their isolation. While this massive acquisition of pets has not resulted in the exodus of returning animals many feared, and admission to California shelters remains lower than before the pandemic, adoptions have also slowed significantly, leaving cats and dogs entering a shelter with no place to go. In other words, fewer animals enter shelters, but those that stay there stay much longer.

As shelters fill up, VHS urged those unable to adopt to continue to help by promoting and encouraging pet adoption among family, friends and co-workers.

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