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Blair Drummond Safari Park CANCELED over welfare allegations after animal death investigation


BLAIR Drummond Safari Park has been cleared of welfare allegations after a four-month investigation into animal deaths.

The owners of the attractions have been the subject of a “serious” investigation after a series of deaths on the reserve, near Stirling.


Blair Drummond Safari Park was cleared of animal welfare allegationsCredit: The Scottish Sun
A mutilated lion is one of many deaths in the reserve near Stirling in recent years


A mutilated lion is one of many deaths in the reserve near Stirling in recent years

Zoo inspectors were called after we revealed monkeys, lions, lemurs and an antelope had died after being attacked by other beasts or escaping from their enclosures.

Dr Jo Judge, managing director of the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums, said steps have been taken to improve security around the center.

She said: “We are convinced that there are no serious animal welfare issues going on.


“Many of the complaints were historic and we were pleased to see that improvements have already been made to address them.

“The management team at Blair Drummond Safari Park takes great care in ensuring that animal welfare is at the highest level.”

Inspectors were called after a whistleblower raised concerns about animal welfare in the park.

The bosses were asked about the deaths of two lions maimed by rivals.

The big cat Makalu ended up with a bloodied face and a gaping jaw injury after being attacked by the pride leader in 2016. Another lioness, Saskia, 20, must have been put to sleep after being injured by the male named Zulu a month earlier.

Inspection teams also investigated the death of antelope Arti, which was left with its intestines hanging from its stomach and blood spurting from its nose and mouth following a horror attack. .

Fears were raised by staff following the deaths of other animals, including a Barbary macaque savagely ravaged by lions in front of visitors in December.

It followed the murder of the one-year-old lemur Mena, who was found dead in the tiger enclosure after escaping three years ago.

And the 15-year-old Melton zebra must have been asleep after his “insides were left hanging” when he was impaled on a rhino’s horn after being gored in 2017.


Biaza inspectors confirmed that a “number of complaints” to Blair Drummond had been investigated.

Safari park owner Hector Muir said the allegations were “deeply upsetting” to the wardens.

He said: “The investigation confirmed that Blair Drummond provides a safe and caring environment for our animals, and this is what we are working tirelessly to achieve every day.

“The team fully participated in the investigation, and we were confident the outcome would be positive.”

Blair Drummond Safari Park opened in 1970.

The 120-acre site is home to more than 300 animals, including elephants, giraffes and rhinos.

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