Lions And Zoos

Brits had a chance to shoot elephants and lions during sick hunters holiday

The British are offered the opportunity to shoot elephants and lions at bargain prices.

The “Special Deal” is a desperate attempt to bring big game hunters back to Africa after the pandemic.

Covid has hit the industry hard as tourists from the UK and US have been unable to travel to South Africa.

One company, Discount African Hunts, is offering trophy hunters the chance to kill a male lion for £4,500.

Those who accept the offer can also shoot a woman for an additional £1,500. The usual cost for the pair is around £18,000.

The offer adds: “You can save and export the skin if you come from a country that allows imports of lions”.

Elephant hunts are also reduced from around £38,000 to £17,500.

An advertisement reads: “Last minute offer. Elephant on the loose in South Africa. Up to 30 must be taken by the end of March 2022. $23,000. Book now, this offer won’t last long.

The company offering the discount deals is run by John Martins of Florida. He boasts on his website that he is a long-time hunter and has shot over 40 different African animals.

He also claims to have killed three of Africa’s “big five” species.

When we reached out to him, he refused to answer questions and said, “Go talk to your government about the stupid things they do with wildlife.”

Mark Jones, veterinarian and policy officer at the Born Free Foundation, called trophy hunting a “cruel relic of the colonial era”.

He said: “To offer endangered wild animals to trophy hunters at a ‘discount’ to stimulate business is particularly cynical.”

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