Animal Conservation

Comanche Wetlands Delta Waterfowl Teaching conservation through hunting

Elgin, Okla. (KSWO) – Some hunters will get a head start on waterfowl season at the Comanche Wetlands chapter of the Delta Waterfowl Pre-Season Special Hunt for veterans, active duty and young hunters.

Saturday will be the bands’ first hunt since the Chapter’s inception on September 11, in honor of their veteran members, even though the season doesn’t open until November 12.

“What we love about waterfowl hunting is the camaraderie and just coming together,” said Comanche Wetlands Delta Waterfowl Treasurer Shawn Holmgren.

That’s why they want to pass on their love to young hunters.

“We’re trying to bring these kids here and fall in love with the outdoors, fall in love with what we do, and give back to the local community,” Holmgren said.

That’s why Saturday they enjoy a special day where young people, veterans and active military can hunt before the start of the season.

“From a very young age, how important it is to go out there to pick up trash, to leave the earth better than when you got there, to collect shells, to collect birds or any other animal that you hunt properly. and use it for food or donate it through shelters,” said chapter president Adam Ballard.

The group said it was important to teach these lessons to young people, as they believe ethical hunting begins with conservation.

“The duck population is declining…the study they’ve published right now, between 35% and 45% of the mallard population has declined,” Holmgren said.

To recoup these numbers, they want to instill good hunting habits.

“To pick up after themselves, whether it’s fishing or hunting, they come down to the lake, and around here, you know, the lakes there’s so much garbage and debris floating around and you won’t see hunters, like good ethical hunters, it will allow that to happen. Every time we go fishing or hunting, you bring a trash bag, we pick up after ourselves, we try to leave it better than we found it,” Ballard said.