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Deal allows Lawton Animal Welfare to rehom animals for Walters

LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) – An agreement approved by Lawton City Council at Tuesday’s meeting will see Lawton Animal Welfare continue to provide services to the town of Walters.

Lawton previously provided euthanasia to Walters for animals that could not be adopted. This mutual contract will also allow Lawton to reinstate the animals.

Lawton’s animal welfare division has agreements with Apache, Grandfield and Walters to provide animal services.

An earlier agreement only allowed the shelter to euthanize Walters’ animals that weren’t adoptable.

LAW Superintendent Roy Rodrick said these rural towns generally don’t have the resources to run shelters.

“Unfortunately, small towns, country. Your animals are not as well trained as the ones here at Lawton, so we have to euthanize some of them in the end,” Rodrick said.

These cities still have departments that catch animals and bring them back.

Lawton earns about $52 from these municipalities for each animal they provide services for.

“They keep them there for the adoption process if they can, but just like us, I mean, it’s a smaller shelter, but just like us, they fill up and they have to do something with the animals,” Rodrick said. “They bring them to us, they get a second chance.”

Lawton Animal Welfare’s September admissions count was 430 animals. The shelter euthanized more than 200 animals that month.

Rodrick said he’s not concerned that animals from other municipalities will strain staff or cause overcrowding.

“The animals themselves, if they’re not cared for and trained so to speak, they’re going to be hard to adopt, whether they’re from Lawton, Grandfield, Walters or wherever,” Rodrick said.

Rodrick said Lawton Animal Welfare only takes in about 10 additional animals per month because of these agreements.

“In the spirit of helping others, the City of Lawton is giving these animals another opportunity to find a forever home,” Rodrick said.

Rodrick said he would consider updating the city’s contract with Apache to add a relocation agreement.