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ED should fire SRC, Coventry

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa is set to fire Youth, Sports, Arts and Leisure Minister Kirsty Coventry and Sports and Leisure Commission (SRC) chief Gerald Mlotshwa for destroying local football.

The death of this once popular sport should be attributed to those running the sports at government level and not the Zifa board led by Felton Kamambo.

The SRC, with the support of Coventry, decided to suspend Zifa’s board, which banned our national football teams from participating in international football events.

The delay in sacking Kirsty Coventry and the SRC board has seen fans flee local football in favor of foreign leagues like the English Premier League or La Liga.

Local football is in a worrying state and yet the Mnangagwa-led government watches helplessly as the sport is sent to the morgue.

Coventry should resign or be fired urgently if we are to save our football from collapse. Our sports administrators must respect the governing bodies of international football such as the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (Fifa) and the Confédération Africaine de Football (Caf) before making rash decisions to impress night football administrators who have cried foul after losing the presidency of Zifa to Kamambo. and a fair election.

The vote-rigging issues seem malicious and unfounded and not worth entertaining just yet while our football is in a morgue.

We just want to see Coventry and the SRC board comply with Caf and Fifa guidelines to have the suspension lifted.

We do not defend criminals, but we express our dissatisfaction with decisions made by political figures in defiance of the laws governing football used around the world.

Reinstate the Zifa board now and defeat its members in free and fair congressional elections instead of hiding behind Kamambo’s mismanagement of Fifa funds.

As football fans, we smell a rat, Mr President.

The CBC’s decision destroys local football talent and deprives us of the entertainment privileges we are entitled to.

Government interference in football affairs in defiance of permanent Fifa rules is unnecessary.

Stop following the advice of those who have been defeated by Kamambo and save our game from death. We are currently clinging to the rubble of the reckless decision to suspend Zifa’s board. – Kurauone Chihwayi

Mining expected to support economic recovery

BLOCKED by two decades of economic mismanagement, Zimbabwe should bet on gold to shore up its revenues and fight the consequences of rampant hyperinflation, corruption and coronavirus-induced lockdowns.

Global gold prices have jumped more than 30% this year, topping October’s record high of US$1,635 an ounce, as the precious metal has become a safe haven for investors amid climate-induced volatility. COVID-19.

This landlocked southern African country has vast reserves of gold, as well as chrome, diamonds, platinum and 40 other minerals.

According to the International Monetary Fund, the government should consider gold as a possible silver bullet for an economy that is expected to shrink by a tenth this year.

Official figures show that gold production has increased this year by 10%, driven in particular by the production of small miners.

Plans are expected to be underway to raise US$12 billion from mining by 2023, mostly from gold.

The sector already accounts for 60% of Zimbabwean exports, bringing in around $1 billion a year, which accounts for half of the southern African country’s foreign direct investment.

Gold is expected to fetch $4 billion a year by 2023, followed by platinum at $3 billion, although the government has given few details on how such a large increase from current figures will be achieved. – Minor

Technology, future prospects for language translators in Africa

DESPITE the rapid intervention of technology in communication processes and systems today, some aspects still remain irreplaceable to a large extent.

One of them is the role of language translators using technologies such as Google Translate, iTranslate, Skype Translator and a host of other applications.

African culture is known to have over 2,000 native languages ​​spoken, with English, French, Afrikaans, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish being the official languages ​​in parts of the continent since the colonial era. .

In Africa, translation goes beyond simply replacing spoken words, as is often depicted in machine translation websites and mobile apps.

Non-verbal cues such as loudness and loudness, kinesis (body movement), and proxemics (space) often convey distinct meanings.

This is a major milestone that AI technology has yet to take.

It is still unclear how the technology intends to integrate a comprehensive verbal and non-verbal translation system into future language translator inventions, but this gap suggests a viable business prospect for language translators (individuals and businesses) in Africa towards the Western world. – Graham Trust

IN response to Parirenyatwa stuck with 32 unclaimed bodies, MASEYA MASEYA says: Life in Zimbabwe is so difficult that some relatives or relatives do not come forward to claim the body of their loved one for fear of the expense. We can deny it, but it is the reality. Zanu PF wants us to pretend like everything is fine.

IN response to Intense jockeying for Zanu PF youth post, FARAI MAVHUNGA says: This is why the country is going nowhere. Everything revolves around one man (President Emmerson Mnangagwa). Everything needs a man to decide. A man to commission, a man to choose, a man this and a man that. Why do we give so much power to one man?

IN response to the government expanding the forex levy basket, MOYO OSAMA says: The Zanu PF-led government wants to loot to the max, because officials know their sun is setting and that of Citizens Coalition for Change is about to to get up.

IN RESPONSE to surfaces from another ED affiliated group, MUNYARADZI PETER MACHEMEDZE says: They can work for President Emmerson Mnangagwa now because it’s election time, after the election he will throw them like what he did to veterans. He stopped them when it was not election time and because we are going to vote, he pretends to recognize them.

WATSON FURAYI says: It is better to vote for a new government than to be told lies every five years. We want to hear new lies from a new government. Let’s not judge Citizens Coalition for Change for not being given the opportunity. In 42 years of Zanu PF mismanagement, we have seen enough.

IN response to Staff exodus hitting state universities, SIBONGISENI MNKANDLA says: The problem is that university fees and other basic fees are set according to regional and international standards, while salaries are based on the situation “ economic “.

IN response to War veterans hold ED to ransom, SIPHO MNKANDLA says: Proportionate benefits are all war veterans want. They will support President Emmerson Mnangagwa in his presidential campaign. Veterans do not care where the country is going, nor the suffering endured by their fellow citizens under Zanu PF, nor the state of our hospitals, schools and roads.

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