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Italian Artist Kolkata’s Mural Embraces Wildlife Conservation

Italian artist Maurizio Boscheri has painted a mural in Kolkata’s Gariahat espousing wildlife conservation and environmental protection.

He was helped by artists from a local art school to complete the mural which depicts the royal Bengal tiger and the peacock, national symbols of India. This was an initiative of the Italian consulate in collaboration with a local women’s social organization.

”This is a gift from me and the Italian people to Kolkata, the city of art lovers. The energy level of the local artists is incredible. I would love to be involved in similar collaborative projects in the City of Joy in the future,” Boscheri told PTI.

He said it was an experience of a lifetime to finish the job in bustling Gariahat amid heavy traffic and curious onlookers.

Boscheri’s works on wildlife conservation have been shown in New York, Sri Lanka, and Karachi, among others.

Speaking of Kolkata, he said, “It’s a beautiful city, with lots of green spaces, boulevards and well-maintained parks. There are many grand mansions, but many of these buildings have been replaced by skyscrapers. We could have protected these old buildings with amazing architecture.” The artist said he chose Gariahat for the mural because it is an iconic place, a microcosm of Kolkata, and still teems with life.

Italy’s Consul General in Kolkata, Gianluca Rubagotti, said the mural will remain a symbol of friendship between the people of the two countries and embrace the need to conserve our ecosystem.

He hopes there will be more exchanges between artists from both countries.

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