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Latest shots at Fluke Back to the Front

You read correctly.

Back to the front.

With September 27, the last day of summer flounder season 22 fast approaching, the last few days are sure to be a scramble to get into flattered bite building.

Many, and more, guardian-sized flukes remain in bays, lower sections of tidal rivers (such as the Manasquan and Shark), and creeks. Of course, many of them have already migrated forward, but the mother lodes of bait, namely the peanut bunker, the glass minnows, the smaller blue snappers, the harpoon, the little spot and the mullet are always on the back, which gives the end to the deep water flatfish. minute opportunities to pack in calories.

‘Last Minute’ is a bit of a stretch as over the years we’ve caught 20+ inch lucky shots through October while throwing bucktails for stripers along the channel edges and sedge beds . Not much, mind you, but enough for the “Hmmm, what time are they staying here?” matter of entering the mind.

At this point in the game, the lucky hit will be all about the aforementioned fodder, with Peanuts, Harpoon, Spot, and Mullet getting a lot of attention. A live peanut bunker, mule, or spot will most likely be crushed quickly. Bucktail/Gulp!, Jighead/Gulp! (with or without a teaser) and the tried and true squid/killie (minnie) combo will also put the flattered in the cooler.

“Out front” also includes surfing. Work the foam and also the sides of the piers, with bucktail/Gulp! will catch the chance. Ditto a simple hook baited with a mullet, peanut bunker or squid/harpoon and dragged slowly along the bottom. Flatties will spring from the sand and do the grab. We’ve seen this tactic work wonders along the beaches of Long Beach Island, Atlantic City, and Ocean City, to name a few.

New Jersey’s extensive artificial reef system lends itself well to hunting big fish late in the season. From north to south, these areas are full of structures and materials that attract and hold flukes, especially as they move to the offshore depths. Shipwrecks, rock piles, and seashell beds are also hot spots for late season flattie contact.

It’s a big bait time, especially when targeting doormat-sized flatfish in the depths above such nasty cover.

Six ounce and sometimes heavier jigheads and bucktails armed with a six or eight inch Gulp! Grub, six-inch Gulp! Six inch Paddleshad or Gulp! The swimming mullet is deadly. Ditto a (preferably) live blue snapper, spot, or finger mullet.

It’s still summer. It’s still hot outside and can be downright hot when it comes to luck!

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