Animal Conservation

Law Enforcement Officer Job – Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Our FWC Academy in Havana, Florida offers one of the best training facilities, with an emphasis on self-reliance. During training, the recruit is practiced in vessel operation, alligator handling, wildlife identification, human tracking, and the use of ATVs, to name a few. some. Once released to patrol the field, an officer may be on a 26-foot motorboat in the Atlantic Ocean one day and on an airboat in the Everglades the next.

The officer also has the ability to patrol the entire county and attend statewide events, so the position offers a full spectrum of variety. The schedule is also incredibly flexible statewide. Additionally, FWC officers do not have the standard law enforcement duty calls, such as servants, and can instead focus on resource and environmental protection, security management of the boating and waterways, and many other areas.

Our agency focuses on diverse people who are passionate about Florida recreation and love the state’s resources and want to preserve and protect them. FWC can take these people out and put them in their patrol vessels and vehicles. We are looking for people like Outdoor Afro members who are interested in hiking, camping, fishing, hunting or boating. Many people consider these activities as hobbies, but fail to recognize the fact that a possible career exists.