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Minneapolis divides into Republic County


After a slow offensive start, Minneapolis finally found their rhythm in a 45-20 victory over Republic County on Tuesday.

Maci McClure reportedly led the Lions with 13 points and was named the Nex-Tech Wireless Player of the Game.

Shelby Davidson added 10 points for Minneapolis, all in the fourth quarter, and got the H&R block of the game.

For Republic County (0-6 overall; 0-2 NCAA), Avery Stindt contributed nine points. The Buffaloes only had five players available for the game, and two of them fouled in the fourth quarter.

Minneapolis (6-1; 3-0) has now won five straight games. It was also the Lions’ third straight win over Republic County.

Minneapolis had just nine points in the first quarter. The Lions, however, rebounded in the second quarter with 14 points and then headed for victory.


From the start, Tuesday’s championship game between Minneapolis and Republic County didn’t seem like Lions night.

This was not the case. Republic County led from the game’s opening bucket to finish in a 64-40 home win over Minneapolis.

The Buffaloes had four double-digit players, and Blake Aurand was unofficially leading with 17 points and 15 rebounds.

For Minneapolis, Colton Johnson led the Lions with 14 points. Ryker Nelson added nine and was named Next-Tech Wireless Gamer in addition to having the H&R block of the game.

Minneapolis couldn’t get over the size of the senior Republic County squad, and the Lions struggled to shoot from the field.

Republic County’s victory was his biggest margin of victory this season. Minneapolis has now lost three straight games.

The two Lions teams are back in action on Friday as they host the south-east of Saline. Pre-game coverage begins at 5:45 p.m. on 92.7 The New Zoo.