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Nandankanan lion cub becomes dear friend of animal keeper: watch

Bhubaneshwar: In an interesting incident, a lion cub has become a close and dear friend of the animal sitter, who has raised her for the past six months since birth. Anyone who has seen Prshanta Gouda, the animal guardian and Barsha, the lion cub together, is happy to see the animal-human friendship.

According to reports, lioness Bijli gave birth to two cubs, a male and a female, as well as a stillborn last July at Nandankanan Zoological Park (NZP) in the capital Odisha. Perhaps, because she was a first-time mother, even the little male died a day after birth despite the best efforts of zoo authorities and animal keepers. However, the little female, named Barsha, was bred by Prashanta. He was responsible for raising the little one.

Barsha had originated with the mating of lion Samrat and lioness Bijli. However, for some unknown reason, the lioness abandoned the little female. But the little one, who was rejected by an animal, was adopted by a human.

Time passed and the two became so intimate that this wild animal started behaving Prashanta as his friend. Moreover, it will be appropriate to say that Prashanta has become the father of the little one because he takes care of her like his own child.

With a call from Prashanta, Barsha runs towards him. If he tells her to sit down, she happily does so and the two play together for a long time. In return, Prashanta caresses her as her child as well.

In the meantime, six months have passed. Prashanta bathes the cub, feeds him and takes care of her. However, as Barsha has reached six months, it is now time for her to be kept in the animal pen. In a few days she will take care of herself and live with other lions.

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