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How is it possible?

The answer is very simple. The investment is made in the person, business or project that multiplies the money you give. It’s not up to the person, business, or project that’s going to sink, spend, reduce the money you give.

Would you invest money in a coal-fired power plant today? Is it possible to invest in a thermal power plant that constantly absorbs money and does not grow the money you donate? Most thermal power stations still operate with high additional / additional aid in fuel oil. The effectiveness of most investments in environmental equipment is uncertain. Most of them have no more coal in their coal fields.

The coal reserves of Yatağan in southwestern Turkey are exhausted, the coal reserves of Soma Deniş, Kangal, Kışlaköy, Tunçbilek are all consumed. Most thermal power plants have already reached the end of their economic life. There is hardly any coal left.

The electricity they produce is too expensive compared to market averages. However, with the support of the capacity mechanism, prices can relatively hold up. Most of them are now to be closed and sold for scrap.

AfÅŸin Elbistan-B is one of the best thermal power plants in operation today, perhaps the first. Would you invest money in this power plant? AfÅŸin Elbistan -B power plant E / P dust filters are quite large and all work well. They have flue gas desulfurization equipment and they work well. There is a carbon dewatering technology. The coal is dried and its calorific value is high, then burnt in the combustion chamber. There is less need for additional additional fuel.

However, the lack of Afşin Elbistan -B power plant is that there is no coal here. It used to exist, but now it is no longer the case. A landslide occurred in the nearby Çöllolar coal deposit in 2011, and the coal deposit was closed. The field can no longer supply coal. Coal is transported here from the more distant Kislaköy deposit, or often from other coal deposits, at a very high price.

In other words, there is a well-designed thermal power plant, but without coal. This power station has no ash dam, no place to store the ashes. The coal would be extracted from the Çöllolar power station and the ash from the power station would be stored in its place. When the Çöllolar coal deposit was closed due to the landslide, the ashes were left there, there is no place to store them and the ash dam that needs to be built does not exist.

This power station is built on the coal field, the transmission lines are also on the coal field, however, it is impossible to extract the coal from below. The Çöllolar field must be put into operation, starting from the side where there was no landslide, the field must be reactivated. If this cannot be done, Plant B should be completely shut down and sold as scrap.

Would you invest in an imported coal-fired power plant? The price of imported coal is determined on international markets. If all is well, if the economy is good, then the prices are low. If the price per metric tonne of highly calorific South African or Australian coal with a lower average calorific value of 6000 kcal / kg falls below about US $ 60 per metric tonne, the price in millions of BTUs will be at a reasonable level. competitive and the power plant reasonably sell the price per kw-hour of power generation.

It’s like gambling, good investors don’t gamble. No money is invested in the thermal power plant which will only operate with the support of the capacity mechanism. That is why investments in imported coal-fired power plants are canceled one by one all over the world.

Buying an old existing power station is like earning without working. Those who do not install the power plant do not know its value. They are just looking to earn some cash. They delay investments in environmental equipment, they do not pay good employees good wages. Somehow, they don’t know the value of the power plant they own, they operate it, spend it and decrease its value. Power generation is expensive and a new continuous flow of money is needed with the application of a continuous capacity mechanism.

Half of Elbistan’s coal is water, the rest is ash, and there is very little flammable material. It’s not coal, it’s like a black snowball. Its lower calorific value is approximately 500-1000 kcal / kg. No thermal power plant can be built in the world with an investment of a billion dollars for such poor coal. At first there was no suitable technology for this coal, but no one noticed it.

The one who convinced our public decision-makers did well. Today we have two power plants that are barely functioning. One’s coal bed has shrunk, the other has had a landslide and is not working. In return for all this, we destroyed the third largest agricultural plain in our country. If agriculture was still done in the plain of Elbistan, we would have obtained a huge amount of agricultural products.

Renewable energy sources are just like the educational investment you make in your child. Invest money in wind / solar / small hydro resources, just like your investment in your child’s education, you are not polluting the environment, it has a good return. You will not regret it. The people of my country, who had bargained forty times for goods, services, products and even software for three cents, did not vote for the decision to build two large power plants with billions of dollars out of their pockets.

The people of my country could not know the thermal technical details, the public decision makers who decided on their behalf signed these bad decisions on behalf of three or five trips abroad and gave their consent. The new rich in the market are investing in thermal power plants with no future, with the wisdom of self-appointed advisers.

Most old, defective and exhausted thermal power plants have neither the capacity to grow nor the capacity to return. Electricity is produced expensive, they constantly ask for additional monetary subsidies with the capacity mechanism. Their situation is a black hole, a bottomless pit. These investments are made in vain.

Today, no one is volunteering for new investments in old thermal power plants. No one wants to spend money. Everyone focuses solely on the cash flow. Subsequent environmental equipment is not compatible. Most of the new equipment is not functioning properly. In this case, the old thermal plants will run as long as they can, and then they will be shut down. There is nothing new to do. This is the sad unfortunate case inevitable all over the world.

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