Lions And Zoos

Oregon Zoo announces ZooLights dates, prepares to dazzle vacationers again

Guests can walk or drive through the light displays this year

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The Oregon Zoo will once again be illuminated with more than 1.5 million brightly colored lights for the annual ZooLights event.

In 2022, the event will open on November 23 and run until early January.

Every year the zoo is decorated with twinkling holiday lights. Some wrap around trees and fence posts, others create light murals on the walls, and even more lights are used to create colorful 3D animal sculptures scattered throughout the zoo grounds.

The zoo is once again offering its visitors the possibility of attending the show on foot or by vehicle. The zoo said there would be a dozen midweek evenings set aside for guests to drive through in their cars.

For the 2022 event, the Oregon Zoo will showcase a new installation: the central lawn will feature illuminated wildlife from the Oregon coast, including harbor seals, sea lions, sea urchins, starfish, sea, crabs and sea otters.

The zoo notes that sea otters don’t live along the Oregon coast, but conservationists hope they can one day return to their natural habitat. Hunting has driven them to near extinction over the past century.

On November 18 and 19, the Oregon Zoo will bring back its popular BrewLights event, open to anyone 21 and older. Guests can sample nearly 100 different beers, hard seltzers, and hard ciders while strolling through the zoo’s decorative gardens and listening to live music.

The Oregon Zoo reminds patrons that ZooLights and BrewLights are special events and are not included with regular daytime zoo admission. All guests, including members, must reserve their ZooLights tickets in advance through the Oregon Zoo website.

Ticket prices for the event start at $21 but vary depending on the date and time.