Animal Conservation

Pakistan to teach animal welfare in schools

It is expected that the course will be introduced in educational institutions by the end of October. Sufi explained that the animal welfare course will mainly be included in one subject. It will be taught to students in grades five and up in private and public schools. The special lesson would be covered both in the curriculum as well as in sessions where animal rights activists would visit schools and teach children about animals and their welfare and how to protect animals to ensure their welfare. . It will help protect the well-being of pets, pets and strays.

Animal welfare campaigners have hailed the development. “This is great news,” animal welfare group Critters Ark Welfare Organization said in a Facebook post, but urged the government to roll out the course to other cities as well so “people learn to be kind to animals” and put an end to animals. cruelty in Pakistan. “This is an extremely important step in improving animal welfare issues in our society. Teaching children how to respect and care for animals will increase animal friendliness and empathy,” said Khadija Noor , an Islamabad-based animal lover.

The animal welfare education initiative was launched after the government banned testing and surgeries on live animals in veterinary schools and industrial complexes in the city of Islamabad. The reforms include tougher penalties for crimes of animal cruelty, including a fine of Rs 15,000 ($63) and prison terms for perpetrators of animal cruelty. The government is also considering changing centuries-old animal laws to end animal abuse and discourage the importation of exotic animals.