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Pup helps raise animal welfare awareness in Oklahoma City

A dog with a huge following on social media is raising awareness of the importance of adopting animals in Oklahoma City.

Anna, a pit bull mix, has around 160,000 followers on TikTok and amassed 10.2 million likes.

Her mother, Ava, adopted Anna from Oklahoma City Animal Welfare in February after initially fostering her. Ava said she then started posting videos of Anna on TikTok as a joke. But Anna’s popularity skyrocketed, so Ava continued to post videos of Anna going on adventures, munching on her favorite treats, flashing her big smile, and wearing various outfits.

“Something about her just stole a lot of people’s hearts,” Ava said. “So many people say, ‘I want a dog that looks like Anna.'”

Since Anna has such a social media presence on TikTok, Ava uses the platform to dispel misconceptions about pit bulls and raise awareness of the importance of adopting from Oklahoma City Animal Welfare.

“Because they were the ones who ultimately saved Anna’s life and gave her a second chance at life,” Ava said.

Oklahoma City Animal Welfare told News 9 that as of Tuesday, the shelter had 421 dogs, exceeding its capacity of 297. Additionally, 404 dogs and 446 cats were being cared for, illustrating the importance of the need for adoption.

“I think the Oklahoma area is the worst I’ve ever seen in terms of, you know, stray animals and animal abuse cases,” Ava said.

In addition to her influence on TikTok, Anna participates in a national contest called America’s Favorite Pet. On Tuesday, she was in first place in the quarter-finals. Ava said if they won it all, she would donate a portion of the $10,000 grand prize to OKC Animal Welfare.

Click here to vote for Anna as America’s favorite pet. Follow her on TikTok @annatherescue.

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