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Rochester Public Library to donate 1,000 Chromebooks


Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) – The Rochester Public Library has announced plans to distribute 1,000 wifi-equipped Chromebooks to residents who do not have a way to connect to the high-speed internet.

The program is funded through $ 619,000 awarded to the Rochester Public Library under the Emergency Connectivity Fund program administered by the Federal Communications Commission. Federal officials say the program’s goal is to help “bridge the digital divide by ensuring people have adequate broadband access,” according to a press release.

(Photo by John Moore / Getty Images)

Rochester Public Library Director Audrey Betcher said RPL will partner with local organizations to distribute the devices to those in need.

“We are leveraging the expertise of our local nonprofits, government colleagues and schools to ensure we reach people with already identified needs,” says Betcher, adding, “We expect demand is high for these devices, and by leveraging our partnerships, we can be more effective in deploying the program.

Betcher says nonprofit groups serving “underfunded residents” in Olmsted County interested in participating in the program should contact the library. Nationally, more than $ 1.2 billion has been awarded to libraries, schools and other organizations through the program’s first wave of federal funding.

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