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Safari Park: Bengal freed four cubs from Sheila Bivan in safari, lions will also take them awayNews WAALI

Siliguri: The winter season is ahead. And winter means crowds of tourists at Bengal Safari. To make the Bengal safari more appealing to tourists, four royal bear cubs have been released. The poem will be delivered soon. In other words, the arrival of a group of new guests at Bengal Safari Park in Siliguri.

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Along with the Royal Bengal Tiger, Pashuraj Singh will also be seen at Bengal Safari Park. There are also animals like sloth bear, zebra. The Forest Department has also taken steps to increase the number of herbivores. The list includes the Sangai dancing deer, the Manipur albino blackbuck. They will be brought from different zoos. The State Forest Department and Zoo Department have already taken steps in this regard.

Four new cubs of the Royal Bengal tiger couple, Sheila and Vivaan, were released at Bengal Safari Park on Monday. That day, four royal bear cubs, including Sheila, were released from their overnight shelter in a safari enclave open to visitors. They were brought here seven months after they were born. The authorities believe that the tourist attraction around these four species will increase before the three children of Sheila and Sinhashas are released on safari. Today Sheila was seen strolling around Bengal Safari Park with her four new children

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Four cubs were released at Bengal Safari Park in the presence of state forestry minister Jyotipriya Malik. State Chief Forest Officer and Head of Forest Force Sumatra Dasgupta, State Zoo Authority Member Secretary Soura Chaudhary and North Bengal (Wildlife) Chief Forest Officer Rajendra Zakar and others were present. Sheila gave birth to four children in March this year

Until now, they were kept in a night shelter out of sight of tourists. Seven months later, they were unearthed.