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Taronga Zoo Just Welcomed Two Adorable Red Pandas And You Can Watch Them From Your Home

When the Lunar New Year arrived earlier in February, the Year of the Tiger took off, but 2022 could also be the Year of the Red Panda. Pixar’s upcoming animated film about a girl who turns into a red panda, called turn red, hits streaming in March, and Taronga Zoo just announced that it’s now home to a few more IRL creatures. And if you want to spend your time checking out the latter right now, no matter the weather or where you live, the Sydney spot has also launched a red panda camera.

The word you are looking for? Or the sound, to be more precise? Yes, it’s “awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww”. The two cubs were born on December 8 to mum Amala and dad Pabu, and don’t have a name yet, but now you can watch them from home whenever you want.

Taronga’s red panda cub cam is also free and features videos of the cubs being born, as well as weekly highlights showing what they’ve been up to. So you can’t stream them live all day, but you can still get a huge dose of adorableness.

The camera is currently trained on the soundproof nest box specially designed for the little ones, where they have lived with Amala since birth. Also expect to see plenty of mom, Taronga’s carnivore keeper Rebecca Baldwin indicating she’s usually on hand to care for her young.

“Amala is very attentive and nurturing. Through our CCTV monitoring, we can see that she is constantly grooming and cleaning the little ones and encouraging them to take their first wobbly steps from the safety of their nest box,” Baldwin said. .

“While still small and weighing only a few hundred grams, the cubs spend their time in the safety of their nest box, which allows for excellent observation. They will not begin to venture under the cover of the darkness until they’re about 12 weeks old,” Baldwin said.

Taronga already lets you spend your time watching capybaras, seals, meerkats, otters, Sumatran tigers, lions and elephants, all without leaving your home, thanks to its online TV channel – but if he keeps adding cameras, we’ll keep watching.

Taronga Sydney Zoo and Taronga Western Plains Dubbo Zoo started their online broadcasts in 2020 for obvious reasons, and also post regular videos on their Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels – and also make discussions of the guardians and other clips.

To watch the red panda camera at Taronga Zoo, go to the zoo’s website. To check out Taronga TV, head to the channel’s website or keep an eye out for its videos on its Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages.

Posted on February 23, 2022 by

Sarah Ward