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This Valentine’s Day You Can Name A Cockroach After Your Ex And Watch It Get Eaten Alive

Name a bug after your ex and watch an animal devour it, this Valentine’s Day.

The Lehigh Zoo will also post weekly Facebook videos where people can see the bug named after their ex was fed to the animals.

If you’re having a hard time moving on from your past relationship or want to express how you feel about your ex now, there are some weird ways to do it this Valentine’s Day. Some zoos like the Lehigh Valley Zoo in Pennsylvania allow people to name a bug after their former partner just for $5 or Rs 374. The zoo then feeds the bug to their animals, helping you get over your past relationship. The Lehigh Zoo announced the offer on its Twitter page for this Valentine’s Day and wrote in the poster, “Name a bug after your ex and we’ll give it to one of our Animal Ambassadors!” The advertisement further described that people could donate Rs 364 to name a cricket which will then be served to an animal.

According to the Lehigh Zoo website, the zoo will also post weekly Facebook videos where people can see the bug named after their ex was fed to the animals.

Meanwhile, the San Antonio Zoological Society is allowing people to name a cockroach or rat after their ex during a “Cry Me a Cockroach” event. The event is held annually every Valentine’s Day by the company where they invite people to participate. Again this year, the Zoological Society announced the event through a video posted on its Twitter page. “Donate today, and we’ll feed your ex one of the animals and send you the video, along with a certificate,” the company wrote.

The video contained clips of animals like hippos, monitor lizards and birds being fed vegetables, rodents and insects named after people’s exes. He also described that people around the world can participate through their website and express their trapped feelings in this unusual way.

But if naming and feeding a bug named after your ex seems too extreme, then you can opt for a more symbolic way and adopt an animal from the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo instead. This Valentine’s Day, the Cheyenne Zoo invites people to adopt their cougars. According to the zoo’s website, the donation received from the adoption will help feed the zoo’s big cats.

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