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UBA excites shareholders with increased dividend for fiscal year 2021

By Dipo Olowookere

Shares of MTN Nigeria depreciated by 50 kobo or 0.25% on Friday amid reports that one of its top executives sexually harassed some female employees.

On Wednesday, it was reported that the alleged victims had written a petition to MTN Group headquarters in South Africa, accusing MTN Nigeria Sales and Distribution Manager, Mr. Adekunle Adebiyi of using his position in the company to sleep with a young woman. employees.

The news may have rattled some of the company’s shareholders, who quickly rebalanced their holdings, causing the telco’s share price to drop slightly on the trading floor of the Nigerian Exchange (NGX) Limited on Friday.

MTN Nigeria is one of the local stock market shakers and when it sneezes, the stock market reacts. This may have resulted in the 0.06% loss recorded by the exchange during the trading session.

According to reports, Mr. Adebiyi threatened some of his victims with dismissal if they did not give in to his demands.

They also accused him of inflating contracts, taking bribes and making up false sales figures to deceive company management and continue to retain his coveted role.

According to the aggrieved employees, Mr. Adebiyi, despite his alleged gross misconduct and acts of corruption and sabotage against MTN Group, had the full support of the Managing Director of MTN Nigeria, Mr. Karl Toriola, and other senior executives of the company.

In some of the emails sent to Nerisha Singh, Managing Director, Forensic Services, MTN Group, by Anonymous whistleblowers, the women said, “We are writing because the man, Adekunle Adebiyi, who is leading sales, is a dangerous threat to your business. We wish men like Adekunle Adebiyi do not destroy MTN Nigeria. You left a freak and sexual predator to continue in office but after a year we can no longer be silenced by his continued intimidation.

“Many of us were victims of his boastful abuse and direct punishment. Three people quit in S& [image: grin] by his intimidation and threats. Kumar Abubakar, a resourceful senior manager, was fired by him and Amina, his managing director in the North, on false charges because Kumar knows all their raw dealings, fake and falsified numbers and sales figures. They know he would expose them to forensics.

“Sales conferences are always his motives for his sexual escapades where he uses his forehead and his power to lure young innocent level 1, 2, 3 MTNNers, vulnerable girls into sex.

“Your policy on sexual harassment does not protect Levels 1, 2 or 3 or young girls. They are victims of sexual harassment from Adekunle Adebiyi. They can’t talk to him or report him because they’ll lose their jobs. We have many cases reported to close friends instead of HR because they don’t trust HR.

“His bribes and corruption with NIMC Nigeria, collecting money from vendors through his fronts and flooding MTN Nigeria with his family and friends as SIM registration agents continued.

“Adekunle is a bad egg. Its corruption is beyond imagination. One of our anonymous members shared a message of his own with a finance staff member requiring him to prepay a vendor for a large contract, so he could collect his bribes in advance.

“He gives contracts to overseas vendors at higher costs because of the money they want to raise in bribes. Sourcing staff and the finance team know this. but couldn’t report it until some of them joined this Alert launcher group. Yet they are still afraid because our jobs are threatened by these men who work for Adekunle.

“Check out the jobs of his many relatives, especially Ekundayo Fatoki who is in charge of client acquisition. He failed the interviews but Adekunle and his cronies got him to re-interview twice or more. Both ladies that he sexually harassed are now also afraid to come with evidence because our jobs are not safe.We are afraid and our lives are in danger.Adekunle and his cronies are powerful and can exterminate us if they have to.

“Two boards of directors are his men. Cyril Ilok, head of forensics, is his womanizing and drinking partner, who will never allow all staff petitions to be investigated.

“He takes bribes from vendors and settles his boys and girls in all units, he conducts fraudulent activities, including purchases. Four years ago, he fired Daniel and Bukola because they know his secrets about fraudulent activities in all MTN public markets.

“People had videos of when his fronts collected the money as bribes, unfortunately they were threatened and fired. The two former staff members are still alive if you want to investigate.

“He practically uses his fronts and his friends to initiate all customer acquisition, MTN airtime delivery and merchandising work from when he was serving as Director of Sales and Distribution until now the money amounting to billions of naira.

“He can continue to lie to Enzo Scarcella, the Group Chief Consumer Officer, his team or Jens in South Africa or even the COO in Nigeria; we know he’s a fraudster with numbers.

“He has been bragging to suppliers and business partners as long as Cyril Ilok and Karl Toriola are at MTN Nigeria nothing will happen to him.

“To date, MTN Nigeria has over eight court cases of former business partners Adebiyi revoked or terminated their appointments in a manner that left much to be desired.

“Dismiss or dismiss Adekunle Adebiyi before paying another fine or entering Nigeria’s troubled waters.”

The whistleblowers further alleged that Adebiyi used the proceeds of his alleged corrupt dealings with MTN Nigeria to buy a house in Manchester, UK and also to build a multi-million naira state-of-the-art school for his wife in Lagos.

“How much does he earn as an executive at MTN for buying a house in Manchester, UK, including the great school he built for his wife in Lagos,” the aggrieved employees added.

Responding in an email to the allegations made against Adebiyi by employees, Singh said, “We assure you of our prompt attention to any concerns raised and that matters raised will be thoroughly investigated.

“On the complaints of sexual harassment raised; MTN is committed to providing a safe environment for all of its employees, free from discrimination on any grounds and workplace harassment, including sexual harassment. MTN has a zero tolerance policy for any form of sexual harassment in the workplace. All complaints of sexual harassment will be taken seriously and handled with respect, sensitivity and trust.