Animal Conservation

UK: Farmers are the most reliable part of the supply chain

The UK Levy Board, which represents farmers, producers and other players in the supply chain, has been monitoring consumer confidence since 2019.

The results of the AHDB / Blue Marble study found that almost two-thirds (63%) feel very or somewhat positive about UK farming. The same study yielded particularly positive results last year. This year’s results are in line with those for 2019.

Within the supply chain, farmers are by far the most trusted group. Consumers trust farmers (70%) more than retailers (53%), the second most positive group in the supply chain. The study found that consumers valued farmers for their expertise and concern for the environment and animal welfare.

While the main concern in 2019 was Brexit, attention shifted in 2020 to Covid-19. In 2021, consumers expressed more concern for the environment, especially plastic pollution and climate change, as well as animal welfare, according to the report.

The study found that consumers would like to see more transparency when making decisions about the foods they choose to buy. Some 87% said they would find it useful to have labeling indicating how and where animals are kept, and 79% want to know how much time animals spend outdoors. Another 81% want sustainability labels on products.

“When considering labeling, it is essential that any program consider animal health and welfare outcomes rather than just the production system, as consumers are concerned about a range of issues. welfare issues unrelated to access to the outdoors, ”the AHDB report concluded.