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What to know after the tiger attack

A man was attacked by a tiger at the Naples Zoo in the Caribbean Gardens on Wednesday. He was seriously injured.

According to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, a member of a third-party cleaning service entered an unauthorized area near the tiger that was inside its enclosure. The man was taken to Lee Memorial Hospital with serious injuries. A deputy shot the tiger.

The zoo has a tiger, Eko, a male Malayan tiger.

The story unfolds and details of the attack are reported on

Here are some frequently asked questions about the zoo, one of Southwest Florida’s top tourist attractions:

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When did the Naples Zoo open?

September 1, 1969

What is the size of the property?

43 acres

Did you know?

In 2019, the Naples Zoo at the Caribbean Gardens celebrated 100 years as a botanical garden and 50 years as a zoo!

How many species live at the Naples Zoo?

As of 2017, the Naples Zoo is home to around 70 animal species, including favorites like African lions, Malaysian tigers, and giraffes; rare and endangered African animals such as honey badgers and fossas; and Florida natives like Florida alligators and panthers.

Where are the tigers found?

Tiger Forest provides a natural bamboo forest habitat for the zoo’s Malayan tigers. The Naples Zoo is a participating member of the AZA species survival plan for this species.

Is the Naples Zoo accredited?

It is accredited as both a zoo and a botanical garden. The Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens is an award-winning 501 (c) (3) nonprofit charity that reaches over 350,000 guests annually as part of its conservation and education mission. The zoo is nationally accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and is an institutional member of the American Association of Zookeepers (AAZK).

Bruehler the Reticulated Giraffe interacts with an enrichment feeder at the Naples Zoo at the Caribbean Gardens in Naples, Florida on September 3, 2021.

Did you know?

The Naples Zoo is one of the 26 zoos in the state of Florida. Here is a complete list.

What is the layout of the Naples Zoo?

The main path is about a mile long and passes the main animal displays through the tropical garden first planted in 1919. The zoo’s primates are housed on islands in one of the lakes and can be seen from guided catamarans when visitors take the Primate Expedition Cruise.

Who is the CEO of the Naples Zoo?

In 2013, Jack Mulvena joined the Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens as President and CEO. Mulvena was executive director of the Rhode Island Zoological Society and the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, Rhode Island for 20 years. Mulvena is a national conservation leader with a special focus on educating and motivating young people to get involved in wildlife conservation. He is also a leader in efforts to persuade the United States Congress to pass legislation to address critical environmental challenges by strengthening and expanding environmental education in American classrooms. Most importantly, Mulvena knows from experience how to maintain the highest standards of animal care, provide fascinating experiences for zoo visitors, and create a professional working environment that attracts the best talent in the zoo profession.

Did you know?

The Naples Zoo is also a Collier County Designated Historic Site.

Source: Naples Zoo website and internet research.