Animal Conservation

Wild animals suffer, lack food, companions, space, laments park director

The director of the Jos animal park, Sakburkya Mohammed, has denounced the deplorable conditions which have left the animals malnourished and without companions for breeding. Mr. Mohammed also lamented the encroachment of the conservation park by human activities.

The conservationist on the poor state of wildlife welfare in an interview Saturday in Jos.

He noted that numerous attempts to draw the attention of higher authorities to the park have been unsuccessful.

Because there hadn’t been any form of pairing of animals for breeding purposes in the park for some time, “there is virtually no hope of continuity for the animals there.

“In a conservation sector like this, we need continuity, where we get new animals, and animals are matched to improve breeding.

“But once there’s no more pairing, you know you can’t even get a lot of new animals, and there’s really no hope for continuity,” Mr Mohammed said.

Mr Mohammed argued that the park could only generate reasonable income “when there is something for tourists to come and see”.

“We always write memos asking for more animals, because in the current state of the park, if there are a lot of animals, we will have more tourists.

“Income will be great, but if there are no animals people will be reluctant to come for tourism,” he said.

Mr Mohammed noted that the park only had a lion and an elephant, both without companions.

He lamented that human encroachment is prevalent with communities moving closer to the park for human activities.

“It’s getting a lot, especially for the farmers, people are encroaching on agriculture, and even some are building houses in the park areas.

“So this is a serious issue, and we need to educate people about the dangers of doing this because if an animal escapes there’s no way it won’t hurt people because they’re very close. of the park.

“So honestly we face a lot of challenges,” he said.

Jos Wildlife Park is one of the most important conservation parks in the country and the main tourist attraction of the Plateau, where nature has been conserved since its creation in 1972.